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It all began with a fire. A bookstore owned by Gordon McCausland burnt down on Yonge street.


He began brainstorming on what to do with the space with his employee Max Allen who had never seen or read pornographic material before getting a job as a teletypist from Gordon. 


The space was awkward as Toronto fire codes required a fire wall between adjacent buildings. Max suggested a cinema but they couldn’t use a projector because they space was long and narrow. The solution was to place televisions suspended above the seats like in an airplane.


A benefit of using video projection instead of film was that movies shown on TV screens don’t come under watchful eye of film censor. Cinema 2000 had an edge against other cinemas because they could show adult entertainment uncut. 


The new $250,000 mini-complex contained three theatres each with five TV sets and semi-reclining seats. It was the first first video projector cinema in the world.


In October of 1969, Cinema 2000 opened on Yonge street.  

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